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Beauty Studio Brisbane


Hi there beautiful,

If you want to own your beauty time and need the help of experts to spoil your body with essential beauty treatments all in one place, we bring a new approach to service in Brisbane!


When you put your beauty look and feminine needs first, Flora Beauty Station brings together professionals who you can trust your body, mind and soul to. 


The service you get is the extension of our personality. We are wives, mothers and daughters like you. And we know your basic needs and wish to look beautiful outside of the daily grind.   

Our team of beauticians has a long journey of studying and mastering their skills with 10+ years of experience each.  We have worked with more than thousand of women from all around the world using the latest techniques and beauty solutions for hair, skin, nails and makeup.  


We are creating a relaxing and comfy environment with professional support for women who like natural beauty and dare to look fabulous no matter age and circumstances.


Flora Beauty Station uses time tested beauty products for your hair, skin and body treatments staying in tune with the world’s beauty trends.   


We guide you through your beauty journey and provide advice on care procedures tailored to your specific needs.  We are conveniently located at the shopping prescient with plenty of free parking.  You can trust your child to our qualified babysitter to unwind and give time to yourself. 


Check out how we can help you to look beautiful and bring your beauty to a habit!

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