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Hair Cut Brisbane Stafford
Flora Beauty Station Stafford

Eyelash and eyebrow artist

Hi, I am Rimma,


If you need to define the beauty of your eyes and save time on makeup every day, I help you with eyelashes and brows


You can try classic, 2D to 4D extensions or faux extensions that bring a fantastic look to your eyes.  I will help you decide on the outcome based on your bone structure, eyes’ shape, length, and the curl of your natural lashes.  With innovative techniques, you can remodel your brows to correct the symmetry of the face or come up with a brand-new look. The eyebrows powder tattoo or ombre shading is suitable for all skin types and can enhance your facial features with trendy semi-permanent makeup.  


I studied and worked in Europe and Australia to offer your qualified service and meet your expectations. To avoid damage to your hair and maintain hygiene, all treatments made with tested in-time materials. From the tools, wax, and brow’ powder to extension glue and creams, you will get a fabulous and natural look that lasts for up to 6 weeks (and longer). 


My work in Flora Beauty Station will bring a positive vibe to the team and attract more happy clients through a welcoming attitude.


When you want to wake up with full, long lashes and beautifully shaped brows, book an appointment with me 



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