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Facial and Beauty Specialist

Hi, I am Kristina,


If you believe in the medical approach to your beauty and looking for a beautician with clinical cosmetology background, I am your specialist.


I specialize in skin health and can help you to bring fresh and new shining look on your face. For your skincare, I work with ultrasonic and manual hand cleansing methods and lifting techniques. Using massage therapy, I focus on your skin tonus and wrinkles problems to bring a renewing effect. If you have skin problems like acne or need a post-acne rehabilitation, I will help with customized procedures for your skin to become smooth.


Having medical education and working at cosmetic surgery rehabilitation, I understand the biochemical process of the skin. That’s why I consider your health history, genetic diseases, and current health conditions when addressing your skin issues. I pay attention to the chemical ingredients of products I use because it supports my beliefs of better results in short and long-time treatments.   


I never stop learning new skills and working in Flora beauty station challenges me to come up with a new approach to each client and bring the best results. Working in a team fulfills me with positive energy and completes my life because the beauty industry is my lifestyle.



You will be surprised how a medical specialist can nourish your facial skin