Flora Beauty Station Stafford
Beauty Salon Brisbane Stafford

 Founder & Manager

Hi, I’m Kamila 

I’m the founder and manager of Flora Beauty Station.  I am here to make sure that you get the high-level beauty services in a comfy and conveniently located brand new Beauty Station in Brisbane.


Ever since Australia became my home, I wanted to give something valuable for the community. Having a hospitality background, I came with the idea to create a salon where experts from around the world share their skills and passion for beauty in one spot. 

I always put myself in the customer’s place. Understanding your intentions, needs and desires, I put together unique beauty treatments and packages. Considering your different budget levels, I keep the same quality for versatile services.


When creating the team, I choose the experts who are passionate for their work and know how to adjust their skills for the local market, demand and clients’ needs. The Flora Beauty Station is the unique space of hero- specialists who have worked with more than thousand of women from Europe to New Zealand and Middles East to Russia. They know how different all women are and tailor beauty treatments based on your background diversity, genetic and personality features.

For your comfort in a joyful and sincerity environment, I establish clear communication between you and my team. I plan, execute and get the results for the success of seeing more women who return to us.


Inspiring my team to create beauty for your constant satisfaction, you will never stop investing in the look that you deserve!