Cosmetic Tattoo



3 hours


The permanent lip tattoo becomes a lifesaver for women who are generally dissatisfied with the original shape of their mouths. A very simple procedure corrects the natural imperfections and makes it possible to no longer stress about your appearance.

With the help of the technique, congenital (cleft lip, etc.) and acquired (scars, scars, etc.) aesthetic defects are perfectly masked.


Blurred lines, drooping corners, and other unpleasant moments associated with age-related withering can be easily corrected. After treatment, the mouth takes on a clear shape, piquant swelling, and a uniform shade.


Tattooing helps active, practical people who devote most of their time to work, building a career, and traveling. Such women no longer have to carry the burden of constantly checking to try and fix make-up errors. The coating on the lips always looks neat and beautiful, regardless of the saturation and density of the graph.



3 hours


Permanent eyebrow makeup -  if you’d wish to display the beauty of your eyebrows and push away the imperfections, then permanent makeup with powder coating will surely help you.


Permanent makeup is makeup - a tattoo. It is carried out to perfection with the shape of the eyebrows, density, and color. In the duration of the cosmetic procedure, the pigment is “embedded” into the upper layers of the skin. Permanent eyebrow makeup is also known as “indelible make-up”.


The modern method for powdering will largely emphasize the color and the shape of the eyebrows, allowing you to hide imperfections. Read about whether it is possible to do permanent makeup for pregnant and lactating women here.