Cosmetic Tattoo



3 hours


The permanent lip tattoo becomes a lifesaver for women who are generally dissatisfied with the original shape of their mouths. A very simple procedure corrects the natural imperfections and makes it possible to no longer stress about your appearance.

With the help of the technique, congenital (cleft lip, etc.) and acquired (scars, scars, etc.) aesthetic defects are perfectly masked.


Blurred lines, drooping corners, and other unpleasant moments associated with age-related withering can be easily corrected. After treatment, the mouth takes on a clear shape, piquant swelling, and a uniform shade.


Tattooing helps active, practical people who devote most of their time to work, building a career, and traveling. Such women no longer have to carry the burden of constantly checking to try and fix make-up errors. The coating on the lips always looks neat and beautiful, regardless of the saturation and density of the graph.



3 hours


Permanent eyebrow makeup -  if you’d wish to display the beauty of your eyebrows and push away the imperfections, then permanent makeup with powder coating will surely help you.


Permanent makeup is makeup - a tattoo. It is carried out to perfection with the shape of the eyebrows, density, and color. In the duration of the cosmetic procedure, the pigment is “embedded” into the upper layers of the skin. Permanent eyebrow makeup is also known as “indelible make-up”.


The modern method for powdering will largely emphasize the color and the shape of the eyebrows, allowing you to hide imperfections. Read about whether it is possible to do permanent makeup for pregnant and lactating women here.

Frequently asked questions

Powder Brows

Advantages and disadvantages of powdery brows

As in every cosmetic procedure, powdery browning has its disadvantages and advantages. Advantages of powder coating: Long-lasting result Painlessness Naturalness Elimination of aesthetic imperfections Fast healing Excellent appearance at any time of the day Disadvantages of powdery tattooing: The tendency of the pigment to fade Regular correction The impossibility of hiding serious shortcomings Considering all the pros and cons, you need to find out what the consequences of permanent makeup can be and what technique is right for you.

Contraindications for powdery eyebrow dusting

Diabetes mellitus with constant use of insulin Epilepsy Inflammation of the skin in the area of the eyebrows with a progressive form Permanent make-up is contraindicated in persons with poor blood clotting, as well as: Pregnant and lactating women During an exacerbation of an infectious disease With malignant tumors

Is permanent makeup painful?

With powder coating, skin trauma is minimal. The procedure is painless. Although persons with a low pain threshold, with sensual facial skin, experience slight discomfort during the procedure. In order to eliminate painful sensations, pain relievers are used.

Who is powder coated brows for?

This technique is suitable for those who have rare eyebrows with visible gaps. For girls and women who do not want to radically change their appearance, but only who want to emphasize their natural beauty, shadow shading is suitable. For those who are going on a trip to the sea or on vacation in hot countries, as permanent makeup will not wash off and will not flow.

Preparation for the procedure for applying powdery eyebrows

Like any cosmetic procedure, powdery eyebrow dusting requires preparation. A few weeks before visiting the master, you must completely abandon alcohol. Avoiding coffee and caffeinated liquids is recommended on the day of the procedure. A few days before the procedure, you must refrain from blood thinning medications. A week before powdering, you need to refrain from plucking and lamination of eyebrows. It is not recommended to use decorative cosmetics, to abandon the use of scrubs and peelings.

Technique of powdery eyebrow spraying

The procedure of permanent makeup of eyebrows, performed using the technique of powdery spraying, is carried out in stages and takes about 2 hours. · First, the area of the cosmetic procedure is well cleaned and processed; · Loan the desired shape of the eyebrows is consistent with the patient; · The required eyebrow shade, saturation and color depth are selected; · The desired eyebrow contour is drawn; · Anesthetic is applied; · The required pigment is injected in 2 or 3 passes.

Healing stages

Do not worry about slight redness, slight peeling and the appearance of a crust on day 3, all inconveniences will go away in 6-7 days. After the procedure, the injected pigment may seem bright, but on day 2 it already begins to acquire the desired shade.

Proper care after the procedure

Only by observing all the recommendations of the specialist, as well as the rules of behavior and care after the spraying procedure, you can achieve a good result, the recommendations include: · Do not take water procedures for 2-3 days; · You can not pluck eyebrows and use a scrub and peeling; · In the first days, do not scratch your eyebrows and do not try to remove crusts; · Refrain from sunbathing; · Do not use alcohol-based face care products.

How long will the effect of powder coating last?

If the master is highly qualified and uses high-quality pigment, then the eyebrows remain beautiful for a long time, but correction is necessary 1-3 times a year. The type of skin is also important, the frequency of corrections also depends on it. On oily skin, the paint stays less than on dry and normal skin.

Lip Tattoo

Who is lip tattoo suitable for?

The permanent becomes a lifesaver for women who are dissatisfied with the original shape of the mouth. A simple procedure corrects natural imperfections and makes it possible to no longer be complex about your appearance. With the help of the technique, congenital (cleft lip, etc.) and acquired (scars, scars, etc.) aesthetic defects are perfectly masked. Blurred lines, drooping corners and other unpleasant moments associated with age-related withering can be easily corrected. After treatment, the mouth takes on a clear shape, piquant swelling and a uniform shade. Tattooing helps active, practical people who devote time to work, building a career and traveling. Such women no longer have to run into the ladies' room 10 times a day to correct make-up errors. The coating on the lips always looks neat and beautiful, regardless of the saturation and density of the graph.

Technique of execution

Today, at least a dozen methods of applying permanent makeup are known. Each of them is
attractive in its own way and gives interesting results. We have chosen the best for you and have been using it in practice for over 10 years.

The watercolor technique (contourless tattoo or powder coating) does not imply the creation of a rigid contour base. The introduction of the coloring matter is carried out in layers in two stages. The master works with light colors and achieves gentle, natural transitions. The lips are attractive, natural and distinctly voluminous.

Features of the selection of the tonal range

The choice of a colorant requires a balanced and responsible approach. The color palette is unlimited and allows you to create almost any color. However, makeup artists recommend sticking to natural tones that look natural on the skin. In order for the final result to please and evoke positive emotions, you need to select colors that match the hair. On blondes, pink and nude scales look most successful, on brunettes - brown and reddish ones. But this is a generally accepted conventional subdivision. Best of all, a practicing master will cope with the selection of the tone. Being a professional in his field, he will certainly take into account the wishes of the client and find the most advantageous option, taking into account the type of face, hair color, eyes and skin. All the proposed examples can be "tried on" before the operation begins and it will be possible to determine which of them looks the most aesthetically pleasing.

Preliminary preparation

Permanent tattooing is a micro-operation that violates the integrity of the epidermal layer. This leads to a general decrease in immunity and the occurrence of herpes, which discolors the injected pigment. You can avoid trouble if you start taking effective antiviral drugs 2-3 days before the procedure. Medicines will protect against diseases that can spoil the result. You can stop taking it 3-4 days after the injection of the pigment. One day before the session, it is necessary to give up alcohol, strong tea, coffee and energy drinks.

Care after the procedure

So, in order to get the desired result, it is important to provide proper care after lip permanent. Despite the safety of the procedure, a foreign substance (pigment) is injected under the skin, and the body will need some time to recover. During the session and on the first day after lip tattooing, an ichor will stand out on the skin. You need to remove it with a lotion with chlorhexidine. Swelling and redness may occur within two days. The unnatural shade of the pigment is especially frightening. There is no need to worry, as the brightness of the color will decrease as the skin heals. The desired shade will fully manifest itself in a month, when the lips are completely healed. During this time, it is important to adhere to the recommendations below after lip permanent.

Washing after tattooing

It is impossible to wet your lips in the first week, as the water, along with the lymph, will wash away the pigment. You can only drink through a straw. On day 3, peeling appears and tough crusts form. It is strictly forbidden to remove them and scratch the skin. You can only wash your face after the crusts have completely disappeared. Experts recommend using toners and lotions for as long as possible instead of washing with water.

Disinfection: antibacterial agents

In the first two weeks, you need to regularly use an antiseptic - up to 8 times a day. Since you cannot rub and scratch your lips, make it a rule to make lotions. To do this, apply an alcohol-free antibacterial preparation on a cotton pad or cotton swab. Chlorhexidine is the most effective and cheapest remedy. Use light pressure movements to gently work your lips.

Fast recovery tools

Along with the formation of crusts, an unpleasant itching will appear - this signals an active phase of regeneration. During this period, it is especially important to follow all the rules for lip care after tattooing. As additional help, a number of tools are allowed, which are listed below. Recovery tool list For lip care after permanent makeup, you can use the following drugs: Сhlorhexidine - this antiseptic disinfects and relieves itching well; Hydrocortisone ointment - eliminates itching and discomfort; Miramistin - like chlorhexidine, is an antiseptic; Сosmetic petroleum jelly - softens the skin and prevents dehydration. It can be applied in a thin layer to the skin of the lips every time after treatment with an antiseptic. In case of exacerbation of the herpes virus after the procedure, the bubbles can be locally smeared with "Acyclovir", "Gerpevir", "Zovirax". If you periodically show symptoms of this infection, experts recommend using not only herpes ointments, but also taking a course of pills a week before tattooing and a week after.

Fast recovery rules

How to take care of lip tattoo so that the skin heals faster? In addition to the use of antibacterial and wound healing agents, it is important to adhere to the following rules: exclude alcohol until the skin is completely restored; try not to eat spicy and sour;
drink through a straw in the first week;
avoid contact with water;
do not use makeup for 2 weeks.

What is not allowed after permanent lip makeup?

Avoid taking medications that affect blood clotting, including aspirin, within a week.

What else can not be done after lip tattooing?

In the first 2 weeks, it is prohibited: sunbathe, swim and visit the sauna; use scrubs, do peeling, botox and other traumatic procedures; scratch lips, wipe them with napkins; remove the crusts yourself. When the crusts come off, be sure to apply a cream with a UV filter to your lips before going outside.

How long does a tattoo take to heal?

The duration of the regeneration process depends on climatic conditions, skin type, tattoo technique and individual characteristics of the body. Young girls heal faster than women over 30. With proper care after the permanent lip make-up procedure, full recovery occurs within a month.