Flora Beauty Station Stafford
Manicure & Nail art Brisbane Stafforrd

Nail Technician

Hi, I am Alisa.

If the nail beauty is art for you, I’m your manicure design specialist. 


My service includes essential nails, hands treatments and outstanding design creations. I carefully work with your difficulty formed nails to correct and sculpture them for a healthy and polished look.  With nail extension procedure, you will get a new look of strength and durable length for your feminine look. 

I help you with a day to day manicure to outline your lifestyle with simple yet beautiful looking designs.  I work with pharmacy-based ingredients and trusted products for a long-lasting polish and shining effect for your hands. 


I have a background in design work and a passion for graphics and creative painting. That’s why you will get amazing looking nails with my acrylic, gel or water nail polish techniques. Your nails will be my masterpiece work that your friends and colleges never forget. 


The Flora Beauty Station gives me a chance to collaborate with the other nails experts and establish creative space for your daring images come to life. I am responsible and add a positive vibe to everything I do with a lot of laughs. 


If you want to turn your nails to a masterpiece, book your time with me.