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Hair Stylist Brisbane Stafford
Flora Beauty Station Stafford

Hair Stylist

Hi, I am Nadya

If you want to make your visit to a hairdresser a treat, not stress, I’m your personal expert.


I have never doubted about my career and continuously getting new skills. That’s why you will get satisfying results with all length and complicated haircuts for your lifestyle or special events. If you tired of day to day look and looking for a fresh start, I patiently work you through a new look, colouring or dying with no damage for healthy and shiny hair.    


I always take time for a clear understanding of your needs and the results you want to get. Considering your circumstances, I teach you how to style your new look and what products to use in your daily care routine. With my career started back in 2001, I mastered my skills to combine different colouring and cut techniques that will have the best effect for your hair. I find the perfect haircut and colour for frizzy or thin hair to make it look fabulous.  

I became a part of Flora Beauty Station to bring my passion for the hairstyle to the team of experts who share the same values and approach to women’s beauty.

If you are looking for hair service built on the world-class experience, book me.

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